This is a Charlie Rowe appreciation blog.

Some films you might have seen him in are as young Tommy in Never Let Me Go, Billy Costa in The Golden Compass and the new production Neverland where he portrays Peter Pan. I do not claim anything unless I myself have posted it and still, I don't really claim anything. Enjoy!

Unfortunately I cannot follow anyone back on this blog. I know, such a bummer.

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Do you guys remember this anime called Cardcaptors?

Oh gosh, I’m like really sorry. When I was younger I used to be such an anime-devote. Still am! It’s just that I have to watch re-runs cause my favs are canceled. Okay, but whatever.

Ale has an idea~

I want to make a graphic thing because I think Charlie would make a perfect Li Syaoran! xD

And I also think that I seriously need a life.

Well anyways! I’ll be working on that. :D

x love&blessins

harrycanyoupleasenot: I'm really happy because I keep finding people who love Charlie Rowe and it's making me gleeful!

I KNOW! It’s awesome! I don’t know who DOESN’T love Charlie! Whoever doesn’t clearly must not know who he is. xD

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Peter & Fox

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best scene I’ve taken

Major koala tea.

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best scene I’ve taken

Major koala tea.

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